Marc Robert Nelson
In 2010 I was asked to perform a showcase at the OCFF (The Ontario Council of Folk Festivals) being held in Ottawa. I got to perform with some of my favourite local artists, Lindsay Ferguson, Ana Miura, Tara Holloway, Amanda Rheaume and Trevor Alguire. I put it up on itunes too. You know things are getting serious when you use your middle name.

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Mister Marc's Marvelous Melodies
In 2006 I made a childrens record with the help of Ross Murray at Happyrock Studios. Most of it was recorded in our apartment in the ghettos of Ottawa. I have plans to make another kids album real soon.

Mister Marc's debut CD featuring "Lemons Make Lemonade" (The Bullying Song). Recycling, saving water and inner beauty are but a few of the themes woven into this fresh, honest collection of songs. File under family.

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Here's some tunes from a CD I made in 2001. What a time I had making this record. My first time making a full length record in a proper studio. I learned alot. Hope you enjoy the songs I picked from it.

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Decent Bloke
1998...wow! Inspired by my favourite island of Barbados. If these freckles could talk. Almost drowned, survived a car crash, almost thrown in jail. If that doesn't inspire one to make a record...I don't know what would.