His Music

Late bloomer? Perhaps. Bad management? No.
Lazy? Sometimes.

There are times when I wish hadn’t spent so much of my musical life learning other peoples music. But.. Played at a few olympics. Lived on the beach. Met tons of cool people. Found me a beautiful gal. Got married, had some kids. Life is good.

I was going to ask someone I know to write my bio. But if I ask someone who knows me they are going to say nice things because they have too. I can’t afford to pay a stranger to write one so here I am in the basement wearing taped up glasses, drinking chamomile tea, wearing slippers and writing my own bio. Rather therapeutic.

In grade 7 our school was having a tribute concert to music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. They were looking for people to perform. Something inside me said “do it”. When our vice-principal pulled out his guitar I channeled this pre-pubescent Elvis voice and my life in music had begun.

I played in a bunch of bands in high school doing mostly covers of the Police, U2, the Stones etc...I even played guitar in church for a few years.

I lived in Mexico on a resort doing comedy sketches, running the Karaoke bar and singing Phantom of the Opera songs for drunk Americans. I moved to Barbados in the Caribbean and played at beach bars, plantations and the only Irish pub on the island. All these crazy trips always led me back to one place. Canada.

I have played every kind of gig you can imagine. Beach bars, funerals, weddings, a telethon, legion halls, Octoberfests, pubs, clubs, bingo halls, pre-schools, olympic games, youth centres, corporate party’s, comedy nights, dragon boat races and a whack load of Paddys Days.

Back to my late bloomer comment. The past several years the gigs are much closer to home and I have a ton of original material just waiting to bloom. I am not afraid to re-write songs now which I never used to do. I really just want people to hear my music and have it mean something. I am forever fascinated with the craft of songwriting and all that it entails.

There you go. Me in a nutshell. MMMM cinnamon twist. Thanks honey. Gotta go.